Baseball Is Boring, but Dinosaur Baseball Is Our New Favorite Sport

Now replace all the other people with dinosaurs and play ball!

The Padres are a baseball team made up entirely of peoples’ dads (we think) and also they have a freaking dinosaur. Watch their dino toss out the ceremonial first pitch, which should have been the last pitch, because what idiots would go up against a team with a dinosaur? What’s the name of the Padres’ baseballing stadium? Oh right: Jurassic Park.

It turns out the Padres aren’t the only team with access to dinosaurs. We’ve found a few other instances of teams having dinosaurs throw the first pitch.

The dinosaur in the second video was there to promote the Walking With Dinosaurs stage show, which is currently running in San Diego where the Padres play so it’s likely their dinosaur was there for similar reasons.

(via Deadspin, image via MLB)

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