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Here, Have a Cat Playing Ping Pong Because Today Is Awful [Video]

Shhhhhhh. Caaaaaaats.

You know those days where you wake up and everything is already going wrong? On those days, we like to look exclusively at cat videos and pretend the rest of the internet doesn’t exist. Man of Steel 2 casting news? Don’t care. Did a Google glass wearer get picked on again? Whatever, bro. Cats 100% of the time for the rest of ever, please.

Oreo the cat of Hello Future Films absolutely wins the day, though. Who can be upset about anything when they’re watching a tiny cat make a fool of itself losing at ping pong against a bunch of humans? Seriously, look at how she gets caught under the net ten seconds in and then awkwardly flops up like she’s trying to pretend to be a T-rex. LOOK AT IT I AGAIN. I COMMAND YOU TO LOOK:


Here, have it in meme form even. It’s so much more majestic that way.


(via Uproxxx)

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