Did You Know Gaming? Website Provides Awesome Gaming Trivia

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A lot of wacky, somewhat unbelievable things go on in the world of video games. For instance, did you know that the original PlayStation was supposed to be a Nintendo console, but when Nintendo scrapped their partnership with Sony, Sony went ahead and made the console anyway? Did you know that Lara Croft’s iconic bust size originally came to be because of a numbers error? Did you know that the Kid Icarus franchise has both an Eggplant Wizard that turns you into an eggplant with legs, and a Tempura Wizard that turns you into a piece of tempura shrimp with legs? Did you know Shadow of the Colossus ended up so epic because the PlayStation 2 had technical limitations? There are a lot of crazy things in the world of gaming, but new website Did You Know Gaming? has you covered. Check out a choice selection of trivia below.

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