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This Supposed ‘One Piece’ Manga Ending Leak Is Pretty Compelling

A scarless child Luffy falling for Shanks' trickery in One Piece 1029

Is this it? The moment we’ve been waiting 20 years for?

Over 1,000 Chapters. Decades of wading through filler arc after filler arc hoping that the end is in sight?Have we finally reached the end of the Grand Line? Has Luffy finally found the One Piece? Has Joy Boy come again? Is it a Second Coming of biblical proportions? Does the world end? Have all the noble pirates been raptured up to Pirate Heaven leaving the World Government pricks to rot as the apocalypse begins? TELL ME. I MUST KNOW. SO LONG HAVE I WAITED FOR THIS DAY. IS SALVATION FINALLY AT HAND? GLORY BE TO THE DEEP BLUE SEAS!!!

Hate to burst your bubble there, champ, but I’m gonna

Recently on the high seas of Reddit, one user named gohdroger caused a fierce storm by posting a supposed leak of the beloved One Piece manga. Naturally, people took to Twitter to express their joy—or their outrage. Some were thrilled at knowing the Truth of the One Piece, but others were angered, wishing that they had discovered it for themselves at the author’s appointed time. In truth, the reveal was, well, revealed to be only speculation. Really CLEVER speculation. Speculation so clever, in fact, that its heresy was actually taken for GOSPEL.

Why? Allow me to explain.

Gohdroger really had this all thought out. He explained an ending where Luffy goes back in time to a mysterious forgotten age and teams up with a Crown Prince and the mythical Joy Boy. Time travel? Poppycock! I know that’s what you’re probably thinking, BUT gohdroger made some REALLY GOOD POINTS.

Godhroger explained that time travel could indeed be possible using certain devil fruit abilities, particularly the abilities of Luffy, Kuma, and Bonney. The user then goes on to explain that Kuma actually dies protecting Bonney at the end, passing devil fruit power on to Franky. Gohdroger also explains the reasoning as to why a person could have MULTIPLE devil fruit abilities (like Blackbeard or Marshall D. Teach)—because they are capable of having multiple HEARTS. It all sounds unrelated, I know, but godhroger ties all of these facts together in a really interesting, specific, and satisfying way that feels like the One Piece author Eiichiro Oda wrote it himself. He didn’t, of course, but it sure feels like it.

After dropping these bombshells, godhroger was immediately banned from the One Piece server. This had the opposite effect of quelling the One Piece ending rumors and ended up catapulting godhroger and their theories to internet infamy. This is not the first time that godhroger has received a degree of internet fame, as they have made correct predictions about the story of One Piece in the past.

Godhroger tried to explain themself, claiming that the “ending” of the manga was only their headcanon, but their headcanon was so clever that it was taken for fact. Honestly, Oda should consider hiring this person as a writer. Obviously godhroger has lots of people willing to read their work.

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