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Finally: A $145 Designer Axe Sling

Have America’s brawny, pancake-eating woodsmen gone soft? Are trendy people about to start hauling axe about town? Who knows! But fancy people website, which sells high-end clothes for slashed-down prices for limited times, is currently selling a $145 designer axe sling by Rilleau. Gilt has handily “chopped down” the price from $165.99.

They tout it thusly: “In addition to keeping the axe head unobtrusively secure to the body, and your hands free, the sling also keeps the axe handle out of one’s way while moving through even the thickest of brush and is fully adjustable to change positions and angle of the axe in relation to the body’s frame.” What regular consumer of designer clothing could resist?

As not everyone may want to create profiles, and we don’t know if or when this page will be pulled when the designer axe slings sell like hotcakes, here’s the full page:

But what if you don’t have a suitably chic axe with which to sashay about town? Has Gilt Groupe got the suggestion for you! A $225 Fawnee axe, of course:

Or you could just, you know, buy a $25 axe at Wal-Mart. Your call.

(Gilt Groupe via The Gloss)

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