The four available Demon Slayer Crocs from the Demon Slayer x Crocs collab.

‘Demon Slayer’ Crocs? Yes, They’re Real. Here’s How to Get These Bad Boys.

Demon Slayer fans, the merch keeps coming. The trendiest and coolest clogs creator of the 2020s is now collaborating with this iconic anime series for a drop you don’t want to miss. That’s right, there are Demon Slayer Crocs now. And you just might be able to grab a few at your local Foot Locker.

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Interested in a pair (or four)? Here’s what you need to know to stay on top of the Demon Slayer x Crocs collab.

What are the Demon Slayer Crocs?

Exactly what it says on the tin, these are Crocs styled after Demon Slayer characters. The Demon Slayer x Crocs collab features four different Crocs, one for an iconic character from the shonen anime series.

For Zenitsu fans, there’s the Zenitsu Classic Clog. This young Demon Slayer’s haori pattern makes a sleek and stylish appearance on a pair of yellow, orange, and black clogs, perfect for fans that prefer bright and flashier colors. You can grab these Crocs for $70.

Zenitsu Classic Clog

Inouske gets his very own All-Terrain Clog, this one in a wavy blue pattern with a furry send-off to his boar’s head. Like Zenitsu, this pair retails for $70.

Demon Slayer Inosuke All Terrain Clog

Then there’s the Nezuko Classic Clog, featuring a sleek pink geometrical look referencing Nezuko’s very own kimono. There’s even a little green rim on the top for her bamboo muzzle. You can pick up these Nezuko Crocs for $65, making it the cheapest of the lineup.

Nezuko Classic Clog

Last but not least, the Tanjiro Echo Clog will cost you the most. Dedicated to Demon Slayer’s very own series protagonist, these Crocs feature a stylish green-and-black checkerboard style as a love letter to his haori. You can grab the Tanjiro Echo Clog for $80.

The Tanjiro Echo Clog

Along with the specific character-themed shoes, fans can also grab Demon Slayer-themed Jibbitz charms, included with each purchase. Each character has their own special charms that come with your Crocs, although you’re always more than welcome to mix and match with your preferred Jibbitz of choice.

So, when can I pick up these Crocs?

New Yorkers with a badge to October’s New York Comic Con were able to get their hands on these sick Crocs first. That’s right, Crocs debuted the Demon Slayer x Crocs collab over NYCC weekend, across October 12 to October 15.

Don’t worry if you missed the Crocs booth at NYCC, though. Foot Locker launched the Demon Slayer Crocs line at its stores on October 18. That means they’re available now. Just make sure your local Foot Locker has them in stock, as supplies seem to be running out fast.

Can I order the Demon Slayer Crocs online?

You bet! If you can’t make your way over to a Foot Locker, Crocs has supplies available on its official website. There, you can select your preferred pick, along with your size (although the Zenitsu Classic Clog appears to be missing from Crocs’ online listing).

Foot Locker also has some of the Demon Slayer x Crocs collab available on its site now, if you can’t find a store near you. This includes the Zenitsu Classic Clog as well as the Tanjiro Echo Clogs, although the rest of the lineups doesn’t seem to be available online quite yet.

Find a pair of Crocs you like? You might want to make a purchase ASAP. The Demon Slayer x Crocs collab seems to be incredibly popular, and your size could already be out.

(featured image: Foot Locker)

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