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del Toro on Hellboy 3: Not Any Time Soon

The very busy Guillermo del Toro, who is booked until 2017 over at Universal for film versions of Frankenstein, At The Mountains of Madness, and Slaughter-House Five recently took a moment to talk to MTV about his highly anticipated but still unannounced Hellboy III:

I would love to do it… but the heartbreak for me is that I know how it ends and I don’t know if I want to see that ending. But I would love to do it.

Mysterious words from the most excellent director, but ScreenRant may have distilled the meaning for us.

According to them, Mike Mignola, creator of Hellboy, has talked about the same thing:

The problem is, what del Toro’s talked about to me is that Hellboy 3 would be the end of Hellboy… My version of Hellboy in the comics is a finite story, but it’s going to take me 15 years to get to that ending.  If [del Toro] makes Hellboy 3 and it’s the death of Hellboy, I’m left doing the comic going, ‘But I’m not done yet.’

Fair enough.  del Toro is a big fan of the comic series so he’s likely to respect Mignola’s wishes, and after all, I don’t think we’d want to see his version come out before the original.

You can watch the MTV interview below.

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