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True Blood Actress Added To The Daredevil Cast As Matt Murdock’s Love Interest



The upcoming 13-episode Netflix adaptation of Daredevil has certainly landed itself an amazing cast, which so far includes Charlie Cox, Vincent D’Onofrio, Elden Henson, and Rosario Dawson. Now Deborah Ann Woll, who continues to be one of the best things about the soon-to-be-ending True Blood, is joining the team. Hooray!

Woll has been cast as Karen Page, secretary at Nelson & Murdock and Daredevil’s long time love-interest, and sources tell The Hollywood Reporter this marks “the first time the Karen character will be brought to life in a meaningful way.” It’s not the first time she’s ever been brought to life, though—Ellen Pompeo briefly played her in the 2003 Ben Affleck film. The key word here is “meaningful,” I guess. That’s not a dig at the movie, either, as most of Pompeo’s scenes were cut for the theatrical release.

Karen is (hover for spoilers) , so we’ll see how this new series addresses her comic book history. Filming began this month, and the final product will be available on Netflix in 2015.

(via The Hollywood Reporter, image via Gage Skidmore)

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