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I Am Bread Is The Latest Simulator Game And You Are Literally A Piece Of Bread

No loafing around in this game.

Bossa Studios has announced the newest creation from their latest game jam (heh), I Am Bread, where, well... you're bread. Described as "[t]he beautiful story of one slice of bread's epic and emotional journey as it embarks upon a quest to become toasted," it looks like the perfect mix of Catlateral Damage and Octodad: Dadliest Catch. But what else would you expect from the same people who brought you Surgeon Simulator?

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Subway Restaurants Are Removing Chemicals That Are Used to Make Yoga Mats From Its Bread

Conversely, there must be somebody doing yoga on a mat made from bread.

The most defining characteristic of a Subway sandwich shop, as comedians have so often pointed out, is the weird non-bready bread smell that infects everything in a 3 yard radius. That might not be going away yet, but hopefully it'll stop smelling as inedible as it does now, because Subway is getting rid of the azodicarbonamide in its bread.

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Stuff As Many “Mercs With A Mouth” As You Can Into Your Own Mouth with This Deadpool Sweet Roll Recipe

Or you could just make chimichangas instead.

Want to make your Thanksgiving spread just a little bit geekier? These Deadpool-themed sweet rolls are sure to do the trick. And unlike their pockmark-ridden counterpart, there's nothing gross underneath the famous mask -- the dough is dyed with food coloring all the way through.

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Color Code Reveals When Bread Was Baked

Because looking for the expiration date on the bag takes way too long: WiseBread tells us that a commonly used (though not legally binding) system among bread makers allows consumers to figure out the day of the week that a given loaf of bread was baked by glancing at the color of the twist-tie that wraps it. Blue is for Monday, green is for Tuesday, red is for Thursday, white is for Friday, and yellow is for Saturday. (Apparently, by custom, fresh bread was not delivered on Wednesdays and Sundays.) The colors proceed in alphabetical order, B-G-R-W-Y. Though this scheme gets the "true" verdict from Snopes, use it to guide your bread-purchasing habits at your own peril: Apparently, the bread color code can vary by region and country. Snopes recommends that you "Contact the manufacturer of your favorite brand and ask what (if any) color-coded tag system they adhere to and what their delivery schedule to your favorite store is, then let your selection be guided by that," though that sounds like it's taking it a little far. (WiseBread via Consumerist)

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Bread People: Bread + Celebrities + Punny Names

Self-explanatory after seeing an image, Bread People seems to be a somewhat new thing, with the Tumblr archive only dating back to September. Check past the jump for a few of the more clever ones and check out this link for the full archive.

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