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DC Universe On TV: Updates On Flash, Arrow, And Whether Gotham Affects Either

Faster than a speeding bullet!

We’ve already seen Grant Gustin show up on The CW’s Arrow. That of course was in anticipation of Gustin’s spin-off series, Flash, but there’s a lot happening in the overall DC television universe. Will they connect as time moves on? 

The answer is “yes” or “maybe” depending on which shows you’re talking about. As we mentioned, the new Flash appeared on Arrow, will that connectivity continue? Executive producer Marc Guggenheim says we can look forward to two Flash series cast members appearing on Arrow soon. The Hollywood Reporter writes:

Episode 19 of Arrow, titled “The Man Under the Hood,” is penned by the trio behind The FlashGeoff Johns, Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg — and will introduce two characters from the spinoff: S.T.A.R. Labs’ bioengineering expert Caitlin, played by Danielle Panabaker, and mechanical engineering genius Cisco, played byCarlos Valdes. (Jesse Warren directed the episode.) Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim described it as “an important appearance.”

Guggenheim mentioned Barry will be staying in his coma until October, which facilitated the two newbies showing up on Arrow. “It allows us to further flush out The Flash universe in Arrow,” he said.

Guggenheim also spoke with Comic Book Resources recently, who asked him if the new Gotham television series would affect the availability of Batman related characters on Arrow (something which has already happened quite a few times). He said, “Things have not really changed in the sense that it’s the same thing as it always is: We have an idea, we go to DC, we talk about it, we find out where the lines are, which characters are available, not available, which ones we should stay away from, which ones we can tack towards.”

In fact, a famous Batman character showed up in the latest episode. Albeit in an easter egg capacity. “We didn’t expect it to end up in the promo. We were caught off a little off-guard on that score,” said Guggenheim. “I want to manage expectations with respect to Harley Quinn. She was always intended to be an Easter egg. But I will say there is an element to the Easter egg that was not spoiled by the promo, that I think a lot of people will find a lot of fun.”

And if, like us, you were wondering about the fate of Shrapnel, the executive producer put the question to rest. “He’s dead. He’s very dead. We only shot it that way because we wanted the moment to play on Diggle,” he told CBR.

All that said, there’s been no serious discussion as to wether the two Warner Bros. comic properties on other networks will have any affect on the CW shows. I’m betting not considering the way Warner’s has been working the last few years. Speaking of which, earlier today we saw our new Selina Kyle in action, but our new Alfred on the big screen (Man of Steel 2) is still a bit in the dark about his role.

Speaking to Absolute Radio, Jeremy Irons said, “I don’t know how my Alfred’s going to be. I wait to see. We haven’t started work yet. I’m going to be interested to see. The script isn’t entirely finished, so it’ll be as much a surprise for me as it is for you, probably.”

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