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Man Has The Walking Dead’s Daryl Dixon Shaved Into His Hair, Because Sure, Why Not


People throughout history have come up with any number of ways to celebrate things they like. From pieces of art to questionable songs, people enjoy creating stuff that shows just how big of a fan they are. It’s not uncommon for folks to somehow showcase their devotion on their body, and tattoos are a popular choice. Another option is shaving the likeness of your favorite character into your hair. That’s how far one The Walking Dead fan went, and it involved everyone’s favorite motorcycle-riding, crossbow-wielding zombie killer, Daryl Dixon.

There’s really not much to go on here besides the fact that Norman Reedus, the actor that portrays Daryl on AMC’s hit show, tweeted out the following late last night:

The link includes four images of what looks like one particularly devoted fan getting Reedus’ likeness shaved into his hair. Somewhat surprisingly, it actually looks like a fairly decent representation.

Is this probably some kind of marketing stunt for The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct video game that just released today in North America? Yeah, most likely. That’s a fair assumption to make. On the other hand, this dude really did have Daryl Dixon’s face and crossbow shaved into his dome, so at least there’s that. Also, here’s what looks like the image the guy used as an example.

(Imgur via Norman Reedus)

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