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Man Ends The Walking Dead Disagreement by Shooting His Girlfriend in the Back

Look, not every single person running in your nerd circle — as close as your relationships may be — is going to see eye-to-eye with your beliefs or opinions, such is a little thing called life. Even if you’re prone to getting a little hot under the collar as the result of such petty disagreements, there’s nerd rage, and then there’s callously shooting your girlfriend in the back. 26-year-old The Walking Dead enthusiast Jared Gurman, after having argued with his girlfriend over the possibility of a zombie apocalypse, believed that a bullet to her back would help her see clarity. Obviously, what ultimately happened was far from what he intended.

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What should have been an enjoyable evening spent watching the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead this past Sunday turned into a venomous argument the likes of which Internet message boards have never seen. Gurman, a staunch adherent to the plausibility of an impending zombie apocalypse, adamantly defended his reasoning against the rationality and logic of his dissenting girlfriend.

Leaving Gurman to his delusional rants, his girlfriend drove away, only to be accosted with a fusillade of texts from her bitter beau. But fearing for her boyfriend’s mental health — which, in spite of everything else, isn’t saying much about his character– she opted to drive back to Gurman’s apartment, only to be met by him wielding a .22 caliber rifle. No hugs, no attempts at reconciliation, just some hot lead through the middle of her back to make a tired point.

Around 3AM, Gurman drove his girlfriend to the Long Island Jewish Medical Center where she is reported to be in stable condition, with the gunman imprisoned without bail. While it’s likely that his girlfriend will not be attending any future viewings of The Walking Dead with Gurman, whether or not he’ll be able to get AMC in prison remains to be seen.

(via Gothamist, image via andres musta)

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