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New Footage From The Dark Knight Rises Premiered at the MTV Movie Awards Last Night [Video]

where does he get those wonderful toys

Last night at the MTV Movie Awards, Christian Bale joined director Christopher Nolan and co-stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Gary Oldman onstage as they looked back at their time telling the story of Batman/Bruce Wayne before bidding it a final farewell in The Dark Knight Rises. They showed a montage that included moments featuring the late Heath Ledger, and it caused Bale to become pretty emotional. And then, they looked to the (near) future and premiered new footage from the third and final movie. You can check that out after the jump. UPDATE: Warner Bros. has asked several bloggers, including us, to remove the footage due to copyright infringement. We hope MTV stops making it available to embed if no one is allowed to embed their content.

(pic via Gamma Squad, video and story via The Hollywood Reporter)

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