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Karen Page Is Going to Go Through a Major Reinvention in Daredevil Season 3

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Karen Page’s past has been very mysterious but ever since she killed a man in season one, we have been waiting to learn more about the blonde woman who is at times one of the kindest most empathetic people, yet still seem capable of intense cool brutality. According to CBR fans expect a “reinvention of her look and role on the series” and get an examination of the character outside of Daredevil’s brooding shadow.

As I mentioned in my review of Daredevil in the first six episodes, it seems to be framing her as still some kind of emotional anchor to Matt. Yet this interview has given me hope that what is coming in the rest of the series will give Karen a chance to really explore her own mental health issues.

Woll was clear about how she wanted to portray it. “Please don’t say I shot someone to save a busload of kids,” she said, recounting her conversation with the show’s writers. “I want whatever happened to be something that was my fault. That this isn’t a story about misplaced guilt, this is a story of forgiveness and acceptance. That I did something really wrong, and the rest of my life has been about atoning for it.”

Daredevil has already improved upon her comic-book counterpart’s backstory where she becomes addicted to heroin, becomes an adult film actress and exposes Matt’s secret identity to get drugs. She does eventually get “saved” by Matt but is then killed by Bullseye.

With the introduction of Bullseye into the Daredevil universe, I’m not gonna lie … I’m nervous for Karen. I do not want her to get fridged for Matt’s pain and I would like to believe that the writers have enough common sense to know that not all character arcs need to be included, but considering the Deadpool 2 writers denied having heard about “fridging” despite the concept being around decades, I can’t help but be nervous.

Whatever Karen may have done in her past, I don’t want to see her killed for it. Not because I think women shouldn’t be killed off, but Karen is the only real recurring female character this show has and it would be terrible to have her die when we look forward to the brutality of Wilson Fisk. Karen shouldn’t be held to a higher moral standard that needs to end with her death, especially when I’m sure whatever she will have been tasked with doing won’t be as bad as say, Killgrave or Jessica Jones’ terrible mother who were all expected to feel bad for in season two.

I also want to keep Deborah Ann Woll on my screen, because as someone who loved True Blood, it has been great seeing her in this extremely different role getting to show her acting chops. Let Karen be this cool mysterious character, Daredevil, and most importantly, let her live.

We will get our answers Friday, Oct. 19, on Netflix. Happy binging.

(via CBR, image: Netflix)

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