The Scream, as Performed by Cyclops

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Frequent Threadless t-shirt designer buko has a knack for the sorts of cultural mashups that the Internet gobbles up: See his printed designs for a Conan O’Brien/Conan the Barbarian shirt, Mr. T in tiger form, and the Joker/the Queen of England.

This latest submission of his just may be my favorite: Edvard Munch‘s The Scream meets The X-Men‘s Cyclops. A better tomorrow guaranteed.

It’s not yet a sure thing, though: As with all Threadless contests, it has to get a requisite number of votes before it’ll be printed. It’s got four more days before the verdict will be decided, so head over to its Threadless page and be sure to check out other recent submissions.

(h/t Super Punch)

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