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Chinese Couple Sells Their Three Children to Fund Playing Online Games at Internet Cafes

According to Chinese newspaper Sanxiang City News, a young Chinese coupleLi Lin and Li Juan — sold their three children to fund their habit playing online games at Internet cafes. The couple met at an Internet cafe in 2007 and supposedly bonded over their love for online gaming. One year later, the couple — both under the age of 21 — had a son. Reportedly, days after his birth they left him home alone and traveled 30 km to an Internet cafe for a bout of online gaming.

One year after their first son, the couple had a baby girl, which is when they developed the idea to sell her for money in order to fund their online gaming habit. They sold her for around $500, which they reportedly quickly spent. Seeing as how they were able to sell their daughter, they then sold their first child for around $4,600. They went on to have a third child, and sold him for the same price of around $4,600. The couple were turned into authorities when Li Lin’s mother found out what they were doing.

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When asked if they missed their children, the couple answered, “We don’t want to raise them, we just want to sell them for some money.” At least they were honest? Reportedly, they didn’t realize that selling their children was illegal. One has to wonder why they didn’t use the $9,200 to buy computers and Internet access, but instead chose to frequent Internet cafes.

(ABC News Radio via Oddity Central)

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