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Could There Be More Gilmore Girls on the Way?

New episodes of Gilmore Girls are almost here and they couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. As uncertainly in our future mounts, I’m glad that I can take comfort in one of my favorite mother-daughter duos. The series returns for four 90-minute episodes, with each taking place during a corresponding season: fall, winter, spring and summer. All of the main players will be back including Alexis Bledel, Lauren Graham and Scott Patterson. Plus, we also know that Melissa McCarthy, Jared Padalecki, Keiko Agenda and Milo Ventimiglia are also returning. Unfortunately, Edward Herrmann, who played Lorelai’s father on the show, will not be among them since he passed away in 2014.

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Still, things seem to be getting back into form but I have one concern-will it be enough? Will these few, albeit longer, episodes leave me satisfied? According to Bledel, they will. “Because we got to revisit the series after so long, it wasn’t necessarily easy for this to come together, it was kind of a long time coming, so just to get a chance to do it seems conclusive enough,” she told TVLine. “In a way it feels more special to have one sort of reunion as opposed to it never-ending.”

Graham added: “It was complete and utter—for me as an actor and a character—closure. I don’t think the show itself closes. It’s like, when in a horror movie, everyone is fine and then there’s one last [scary] thing and you’re like, ‘I guess they could go on.’ That’s a little bit how it feels to me.” She added that this is how creator Amy Palladino wanted to end the series, making a strong case for no more new episodes after this. According to Moviefone, Bledel thinks there’s a part of Palladino that doesn’t want the show to end but I don’t think that’s a strong enough reason to continue.

I think I’ll just enjoy these new episodes and not think about anything else. It’s less disappointing that way.

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