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Tiny Rocket Racoon Returns In Ridiculously Adorable San Diego Comic-Con Video

I am cute—um, Groot.

When filmmaker Patrick Willems—who you might remember from that video parody of The Flash as directed by Ingmar Bergman—and Kendra Pettis attend a major convention like SDCC, they like to go around asking kids about their costumes. The resulting video is always cute, but their latest is especially heartwarming, because it features our favorite kid cosplayer of all time: tiny Rocket Raccoon. Gah, my HEART.

(Kendra’s cosplays are on point too, of course, but I know for a fact she can pronounce the names of the characters she’s dressed up as without any hint of a rhotacism. So she loses points to Wocket there. Sorry, Rocket.)

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