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Things We Saw Today: To-Scale Rocket Raccoon Cosplay

Alright, kid, let me see your snarl!

Screenshot 2014-07-25 17.16.41The only thing capable of trumping Vin Diesel on stilts is the inevitable child cosplay. Check out some of Rocket’s moves over on Tyndalecode’s Instagram.

  • The dude throws shade: Jeff Bridges called the first Iron Man a “$200 million student film.” (via Blastr)
  • Evangeline Lilly sat down with SlashFilm to talk The Hobbit, her new book¬†The¬†Squickerwonkers, and use elf agility to avoid making definitive Ant-Man statements.


I would totally wear this shirt based on pun-points alone, but yeech…there are few grosser interpretations of Wicket out there, right? The teeth, the disembodied eyes, the dripping pancake…this is the Garbage Pail Kid of Ewoks. (via Shirtoid)

  • The San Diego CityBeat looks at Con through the lens of the Bechdel test. Someone pick up an edition for us please? (via Boing Boing)
  • Warner Bros. is optioning rights to a Space Invaders game. Thoughts? (via ars technica)


$10 over on RIPT Apparel for today only. Curse your sudden but inevitable drunkenness!

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