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Cosplayers Bring J. Scott Cambell’s Swords of Sorrow Cover to Life, Except With Completely Different Poses

JScottCambellSwordsGail Simone’s Dynamite series Swords of Sorrow is getting rave reviews, but it did hit a snag earlier this year when a cover by J. Scott Campbell was revealed for issue one. Your mileage may vary on his style, but many fans saw this as an odd move considering the buzz surrounding the all-female writers crossover event and the blatant reference to the Milo Manara Spider-Woman variant cover. However, fans love these characters and epic cosplay has occurred—just not exactly as the artist depicted them.

Back in February when Campbell posted the cover on Twitter he told fans the Jungle Girl/Spider-Woman comparison was “intentional.” He went on to say, “I don’t buy into the pose boogie man. I think it’s perfectly fine. A bit edgy, but fine. These are unapologetically traditionally sexy women, in the spirit of Frazetta! They can be edgier than @ Marvel. This is comics & I enjoy posing both genders in dynamic poses. If someone reads something into it, that’s on them!”

For her part, Simone addressed the cover on her Tumblr saying,  “That cover is very odd for the issue…I like J. Scott Campbell, but I think the covers by Tula Lotay, Kate Leth and Robert Hack are much more indicative of the contents. Glad you are giving us a try, it’s a labor of love!”

JScottCambellSwords2Here we have cosplayers Tasha MacKenzie (Dejah Thoris), Chiquitita (Jungle Girl), MoJo Jones (Vampirella), and Tabitha Lyons (Red Sonja) as photographed by Andrew Dobell. Notice anything? With the exception of Vampirella, they’re all posed differently. And you know what? It totally works as a cover too.

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