Community Gets a Season Five! Here Are Other Geeky Shows That Made the Cut And Got the Axe

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Over the last few days lists of TV shows renewed, cancelled, greenlit, and not picked up have been rolling in. We’ve already told you about a few: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has been picked up, because of course it has, as has Alfonso Cuarón‘s Believe, about a ten-year-old girl with superpowers.

How have other shows of geeky interest fared?

As you can tell from the headline Community has been renewed, though the news is somewhat bittersweet for me personally. I’d be sad not to see the continuing adventures of the study group, but season four saw a drastic drop in quality, and I don’t want to see the show that was once so great drag along as a zombie. Could you not have shown faith in the show a bit earlier and kept original showrunner Dan Harmon on instead of firing him after season three, NBC? Speaking of Harmon, Deadline reports a rumor that there is interest on NBC’s part in bringing Harmon back in some capacity, possibly because Chevy Chase, who didn’t get along with him, has left the show. I’m not holding my breath, but man, wouldn’t that be awesome?

In the case of Community renewal was far from certain, but for other shows getting another season comes as less of a surprise. Fans of Defiance, Nikita, Parks and Recreation, and Castle can stop holding their breath: You’re getting new episodes.

Not so lucky are might-have-been shows The Selection and The Sixth Gun; CW and NBC, respectively, have opted against picking up those pilots. The Selection was to be a sort of The Hunger Games/reality show beauty competition fusion with Anthony Stewart Head on board to play a king. Guess I’ll just need to re-watch Merlin to get my kingly Giles fix, then. The Sixth Gun is—well, would have been—based on the Oni Press supernatural western comic of the same name.

As for the pilots that are getting picked up—a.k.a. the shows we might be talking about in the months to come—Fox has picked up Fringe showrunner J.H. Wyman‘s Almost Human, starring Karl Urban and Michael Ealy as a cop and a robot cop, respectively. The premise sounds kind of tired to me, but having Eomer/Bones/RoboCop gracing our television screens on a weekly basis is a definite plus.

Also being added to the Fox slate is Sleepy Hollow, directed by Underworld‘s Len Wiseman. In it, Ichabad Crane (Tom Mison) is resurrected in modern times to fight the Headless Horseman alongside a police officer played by Nicole Beharie (Shame, 42).

New to CW will be The Tomorrow People, a remake of a ’70s British show about teens with superpowers; The Vampire Diaries spinoff The Originals; and Reign, that teen drama about Mary, Queen of Scots that so turned my head when it was announced. There’s also The 100, in which the remnants of humanity live on a spaceship following nuclear war and 100 juvenile delinquents are sent back to the planet to test the idea of re-colonizing; and Oyxgen, in which a human girl falls in love with an alien boy. (Oh, CW.)

Meanwhile ABC has picked up the Rebel Wilson-starring comedy Super Fun Night, and NBC has remained obstinate in not announcing whether they’re renewing Bryan Fuller‘s Hannibal or not. Please do, NBC. Pleasepleasepleasepleasepleeeeeease.

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