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The CW’s Hunger Games-esque New Show Needs a King, Rightly Chooses Anthony Stewart Head

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Geek royalty Anthony Stewart Head has just been cast as fantasy royalty in The Selection, one the several Hunger Games-inspired shows the CW has in the works. Bow before your king.

Best known for playing Giles on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Head more recently donned a crown in the BBC’s dear departed Merlin, where he played the villainous, yet morally complex, King Uther. In The Selection he’ll be the Head King In Charge yet again, playing King Clarkson, whose son has to choose between 25 women competing for his hand in marriage.

Writes blastr, Clarkson is “a seasoned leader who does his best to advise his son to select a bride based not on love, but on the basis of the strongest political alliance. [Sounds very Utherian] Naturally, in the midst of the competition, there are also brewings of a rebellion.” Of course “naturally.” You can’t do a version of The Hunger Games, even if it’s more The Bachelor than Battle Royale, without a rebellion. The Katniss in this equation is America Singer, “a lowly working-class woman” competing for the Prince’s hand.

Head’s casting gets me thinking: He guest starred in an episode of Doctor Who during Ten’s first season. How many Who actors has The CW snapped up at this point? We have Captain Jack and River Song on Arrow and Canton Everett Delaware III on Supernatural (to be fair, Mark Sheppard has popped up on just about every geek show ever). The Carrie Diaries has Martha Jones. Who’s next, CW? Tennant? Gillian? What exactly are you planning here?

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