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Ladies Are Leading The Conversation About SDCC’13

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Proving once again that women can in fact be nerds, Networked Insights has analyzed the social media discussion of Comic-Con, and has determined that women are in the majority when it comes to discussing the event. Based on 3.5 million social media conversations, it appears that 54% of the people talking about SDCC related T.V. shows, actors, movies, comics, and other relevant topics were women, while 46% of those talking about SDCC were male. The study was weighed most heavily on information from Twitter, and clearly shows that women can be, and are, interested and engaged in comics, science fiction, and fantasy communities just as much as men. Obviously, this is something that we have known for quite some time, but it’s always nice to have the numbers on your side.

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Based on the SocialSense software that companies and advertisers use to determine what’s popular in the world of social media, Network Insights determined not only that women took the majority this year in Comic-Con buzz, but that there were several topics, actors, and comic book characters that trended. Women discussed The X-Files, The Walking Dead, and Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD more than any other SDCC related topics, looking forward to the landmark anniversaries for the first two, and more news on the pilot of the third. It would seem that females who follow the events of or are attending Comic-Con, just like the males, are most excited for promising and dramatic shows that have complex characters and strong sci-fi story lines.

Among both genders, the most talked about topics were Divergent, The Veronica Mars Movie, and Captain America: Winter Soldier. It may not go unnoticed that two thirds of these stories feature a female lead, but continue to be of interest to both genders as Comic-Con wears on. Meanwhile, Catching Fire, Ender’s Game, The World’s End, LEGO Movie, 300: Rise of An Empire, and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 all became trends in conversation as well, though the study makes a point of mentioning that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Captain America 2 were both highly discussed at least in part because of aggressive marketing campaigns. After all, it’s been hard to avoid spoilers about Jamie Foxx‘s Electro and Spider-Man‘s many villains with all the material the movie has already produced.

The study ranked many of the other trending topics, with Scarlet Witch topping off the most talked about superheroes, followed by her twin Quicksilver. The pair were likely at the center of the buzz because of their role in the upcoming Avengers sequel, and rumors that Marvel might finally announce the actors who have been cast to play the two. Ultron, Aquaman, Daredevil, Dr.Strange, Ghost Rider, The Punisher, Superman, and Deadpool finished off the list.  Meanwhile, the actors most in demand on social media surrounding the Con have been Shane West (Nikita), Aly Michalka, and Dule Hill (Psych), and the most popular movies discussed were overwhelmingly the many Marvel movies set to be released in the next year or so, but with Divergent and Veronica Mars sneaking in at the second and third spots on the list.

With more women than ever discussing SDCC this year, and with some of the most talked about projects featuring complex female leads, perhaps we can finally put the cries of “fake geek girl” and “women aren’t nerds” to rest, and see even more women led TV shows, movies, and comics. The interest women have in comics, video games, science fiction, and a myriad of other nerdy topics should not have to be proven, but once again, it has been, and creators should take note. Maybe now that Wonder Woman film is looking less “tricky” to DC.

(via Mashable, Social News Daily, image via Eurobeat Kasumi Photography)

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