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Hillary Clinton Now on Twitter, All My Dreams Have Come True

Now all I need is for her to notice me and for us to become best friends.



In case anyone wasn’t sure that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is going to be running for president once again, the fact that she’s finally made it to Twitter is definitely a sign that she’s gearing up for a campaign in 2016. Either that, or I’m just biased due my blinding love for her as a human being.

In her bio, pictured below, she describes herself not only as a wife and mother and boring normal career person type, but also as a “hair icon,” “pantsuit aficionado,” and “glass ceiling cracker.” She ends it with a cryptic “TBD,” which is probably just going to infuriate political junkies even more than she’s already infuriated them. It’s okay, girl, keep doing you.

She’s also chosen the now iconic image of her checking her own phone and looking like a general badass, which you might remember from the amazing Texts from Hillary.


In her first tweet she actually gave a nod to the creators of the infamous Tumblr, Adam Smith and Stacey Lambe:


Look, she’s already mastered hashtags! I’m so proud.

(via Twitter, image via Randy Bayne)

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