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Man, Why Couldn’t Fortune Have Run This Chris Ware Cover?

As savvy comic geeks know, Chris Ware is one of the great talents of our time: Best known for Jimmy Corrigan, the Smartest Kid on Earth, which is actually about a depressed middle-aged man, Ware does not shy away from the dark and the satirical. Did the folks at Fortune who asked Ware to make a cover for their big annual Fortune 500 issue know that?

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Whether or not they did, they ultimately rejected it, as Ware lamented at C2E2. It’s easy enough to see why they might have: It’s not that Fortune always plays the pro-corporate interest cheerleader, but they may not have had the stomach to run pictures of the U.S. Treasury Department being looted via helicopter, a sweatshop called “Fábrica de Exploitación” shipping goods to a Wal-Mart ringer called “Big Box Superglut,” and even an unemployment line called “Milton Friedman Paycheck Advance” on the cover of the big annual rah-rah issue they’re best known for. Which is a shame, because it’s dark, funny, and super smart.

Click here for super-detailed cover.

(Comics Beat via Kottke)

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