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China Lifts Game Console Ban After 15 Years

With some unfortunate qualifiers.



After 15 years, China has finally lifted its ban on console games! Back in 2000, China banned the manufacturing and sale of video game consoles, claiming that video games would be physically and mentally detrimental to children. This fueled the popularity of PC gaming and arcades in China, while consoles circulated the local black markets.

Last year, the ban was somewhat eased with a small free trade zone that allowed for foreign investment and the trading of items like consoles. Now companies like Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft, are approved to manufacture and sell consoles beyond the 11-square-mile area in Shanghai.

Sony spokesman Sousuke Kamei said:

We welcome the move. We remain committed to deliver fun and exciting console gaming experiences to as many Chinese users as possible.

The Chinese Ministry of Culture hopes that the lift will promote technology development and a “healthy and progressive” entertainment environment. They stated the content of the games, however, are still subject to government censorship (so nothing offensive or “damaging” to Chinese sovereignty).

No news yet on whether they’ll bring un-ban Attack on Titan, slash fic, or Agent Carter

(via The Huffington Post, Image via Mikal Marquez on Flickr)

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