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Japan Has a Freaking Batman, and He’s Buddies With the Police Now

I want a Batman!

If you need hard evidence that Japan is more advanced than the U.S., look no further than the fact that they now have a flipping Batman. Get your head in the game, America! Videos of the Chiba province’s “Chibatman” have been making the Internet rounds, and now he’s been called in by police and gained their approval.

Ever the law-abiding citizen, Chibatman took a trip to the local police station when they called him in for an interview after word spread that there was a local Batman riding around on his own custom batpod. According to Yahoo! News Japan (through Rocket News 24), they happily played along as though he were the real Batman. The receptionist said, “Oh, you’re Batman, aren’t you?” when he arrived and, “Right this way, Batman,” to bring him in for his interview.

What did the police want from Batman? Were they seeking the means to fight injustice? Did they need him to help interrogate someone?


Never start with the head. The victim gets all fuzzy.

Actually, Cibatman said that it did appear to be an interrogation room he was entering, but they just wanted to ask him about his chibatpod. “I was led into what, based on how it looked, you could only describe as an interrogation room,” he said. “Waiting there was a detective in a suit and a representative from the Land Transport Bureau.”

After they made sure his chibatpod was up to the strictest WayneTech specifications, they were all for his continued protection of their city. “You haven’t done anything wrong,” they told him. “You’re going to keep doing this, right? If you ever have any questions, feel free to contact us any time.”

Then I assume they showed him this:


Chibatman is the hero we deserve.

(Yahoo! Japan News via Rocket News 24, image via BBC News)

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