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New Major Batman v Superman Plot Rumors, Plus Ben Affleck Swears He Can Play Batman, Guys, Really

"Where are the spoilers? WHERE ARE THEY?!"


An extra on the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice set has probably broken all sorts of confidentiality agreements and told GeekTyrant about the ending of the film, including such information as what Lex Luthorberg is up to and which unexpected character will be putting in an appearance… kind of. Obviously, (potential) spoilers are below.

But first, in non-spoilery territory… Ben Affleck, what do you think about the batlash backlash against Batfleck? Via Entertainment Weekly:

Before I took the role, Warner Bros. gave me a bunch of past reactions to casting and said, “Are you sure you want to get into this? This is part and parcel of these movies now. There’s a lot of active fans with a lot of opinions.” To me, having been through a certain amount of that, it doesn’t really… Everyone’s entitled to their opinion. I wouldn’t have taken the part if I didn’t trust my instincts in terms of the filmmaking. I think Chris Terrio wrote a terrific script. Zack’s a great visual director. And there’s an interesting take. I wouldn’t have done it if I didn’t think I could do it. I have the benefit of a lot of that understanding. But also, everyone is entitled to their opinion. That’s a big part of this international sport. The Fifty Shades of Grey kid or whatever it is. That’s sort of become a thing.

Honestly, I hate this question. Because what do you want the guy to say?! “Why yes, actually, I think they’re right—I will suck at playing Batman!” Or “Haters can fuck the fuck off!” C’mon now. Of course he’s going to give some bland, inoffensive-but-not-saying-much PR-speak answer like, “I wouldn’t have taken the role if I didn’t think I could do it!” Duh.

Personally, I don’t get the hate. I’m not looking forward to this movie all that much, because I didn’t like Man of Steel and Snyder, to me, is not a particularly good storyteller. But when it comes to Affleck, I’m not prepared to discount him before I’ve heard so much as a single line of dialogue. C’mon now.

As for those spoilers—they very well may be completely false, but all the same, scroll not beyond the gifs if you don’t want to know:




According to the mysterious extra, the ending, which has already been filmed, “feature[s] Batman breaking into Lexcorp to steal kryptonite, and apparently Lexcorp had somehow gotten ahold of General Zod’s body.” Also, the film reportedly starts “as the battle between Superman and General Zod ends or is ending (which would explain all the damaged buildings and vehicles we’ve been seeing in photos) and Batman/Bruce Wayne is attempting to make his way to the Wayne tower in Metropolis.”

Badass Digest picks up the baton, adding that

“Lex has been gathering pieces and debris from the World Engine and he has used them to synthesize Kryptonite. Meanwhile he has also gotten ahold of Zod’s corpse, and it is the key to his master plan to defeat Superman. He uses that tissue to… well, that would be spoiling. But Superman hasn’t been defeated many times in the past. You can probably connect the dots from here.”

Then there’s a picture of Doomsday, previously rumored to be one of the villains in the film.

What do you guys think?

(via Collider)

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