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Japanese Chemical Weapon Factory Becomes Rabbit Paradise

Between 1929 and 1945, Okunoshima Island was used by the Japanese military to produce poison gas which was used during wartime. Now, it’s become an unlikely home to wild rabbits.

Mainichi Daily News:

Today, the island is uninhabited, but the remains of the facility buildings, including gas containers and a power plant, are still there.

It is believed that rabbits were first taken to the island in 1971, after an elementary school in Takehara found it difficult to keep the animals at school. According to the Kyukamura Okunoshima resort hotel, most of the visitors to the island consisted of students on school study trips and senior tourists.

However, as the island became known as a rabbit habitat, the hotel began to receive more reservations from young women and families. The rabbits became popular for their adorable gesture asking for food.

(Mainichi Daily News via Neatorama)

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