6 Places David Černý’s Giant Middle Finger Sculpture Could Go Next

In addition to "where the sun don't shine," of course.
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Artist David Černý is kind of a weird guy. His most recent sculptural endeavor involved renting a boat to float along the Vlalta river — oh, also, on that boat was an enormous purple hand with a middle finger extended towards Prague Castle as a protest against the current Czech president.

Now, we don’t know much about Czech politics or why Černý is so upset, so we’ll let you go to the New York Times for that news (they also have a picture of the sculpture there while you’re at it — we don’t have access to it, so instead we’re highlighting one of Černý’s earlier creepy works above). However, we were kind of wondering what’s going to happen to that finger now. Černý has made his point now, after all, so what’s going to happen to the statue?

Naturally, we’ve got some ideas as to where they can house the monstrous middle finger now.

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(via New York Times, image of “Quo vadis” via Michael Caroe Andersen)

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