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If You Sign a Mortgage in Russia, This Bank Will Lend You a Cat

Now with zero purrcent interest!


Russia is currently facing a mortgage market boom, and banks in the region are doing whatever they can to capitalize on the increased interest (pun not intended) in home ownership. One way to do it? Let people borrow a cat to play with in their new apartment or house. Seems like a pretty dumb reason to buy a house, Russ—oh no ahh, they’re so cute! Never mind, I’m on board.

The promotion is the work of Moscow-based Sberbank, Russia’s biggest lender, who will let you borrow one of ten cats for several hours once you’re officially approved for a loan. You can even track how popular each of the cats are and how many homes they’ve been to on the website,

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 11.20.04 AM

Jesus, Knop, save some apartments for the rest of us.

While it would be completely understandable if Sberbank was simply looking to cash in on an adorable Internet craze, the particular obsession with cats is based on a Russian superstition; namely, it’s good luck for a cat to be the first across the threshold of a new home. Seems like no one told the cats in the video, because they all look very confused. “Where am I? Where is all the furniture I want to climb on? WHY IS EVERYONE CLAPPING?”

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