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New Japanese Pizza Hut Campaign Imagines Cats As Employees

At last, a perfect outlet for all our Samurai Pizza Cat jokes!

Never before have I seen a web series so accurately depict the misanthropic ennui that comes with being a part of of the food service industry as Japan’s Pizza Hut chain has in their latest campaign. “But the cats aren’t doing anything,” you’re probably saying. “They’re just sitting there with little kitty scowls on their faces!” Yes, and if you’ve ever worked behind a counter, you know that this is exactly what your soul feels like when you’re back there: a bored, scowling cat. Genius.

There are more short videos on the official Japanese Pizza Hut YouTube Channel, and they are all just like this. Just cats, staring into the minimum wage void and seeing the darkness held there within. At least maybe they get free pizza.

(via That’s Nerdalicious)

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