The sorceress Tera in 'Castlevania: Nocturne.'

Cliffhanger Intact, the Wait for ‘Castlevania: Nocturne’ Season 2 Begins

Following the success of Castlevania, Netflix ordered a season of the direct spinoff Castlevania: Nocturne. Influenced by the Konami games Castlevania: Rondo of Blood and (one of the most innovative games ever) Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, the series is set 300 years later in France and focuses on three revolutionary protagonists. Joining the last known Belmont, Ritcher (played by Edward Bluemel), in a fight against creatures of the night, are magic-wielders Maria Renard (Pixie Davis) and Annette (Thuso Mbedu). On October 6, just eight days after its release, Netflix announced season two. Good thing, too, because that cliffhanger also signaled that this fight is bigger than the bourgeoisie or even France itself.

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**Spoilers for Castlevania: Nocturne.**

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already watched season 1—so let’s get into spoiler territory. Most of the main cast, except Drolta Tzuentes (Elarica Johnson), will likely return. Alucard (James Callis) offed her during his major entrance. I’m not sure if The Messiah (Franka Potente) would bring her back, but I can hope! They have a long relationship, even if the love looks one-sided. Then again, Drolta may steal the show like she did in season 1. Speaking of shaky relationships, I expect Mizark (Aaron Neil) and Olrox’s (Zahn McClarnon) reunion to be extremely tense, if not straight-up deadly.

Two men and two women stand outside ready for a fight in 'Castlevania: Nocturne.'

Protagonist-wise, Ritcher is in a pretty good place, all things considered. Unfortunately, Maria will face the reality that her mother is now probably a vampire. Additionally, Annette is now alone in a foreign land, as Edouard (Sydney James Harcourt) has decided to convert monsters to become good through the power of song. Well, not fully alone, as she has Ritcher and Maria. In the games, Ritcher and Annette fall in love. After one blushing moment in season 1, I’m anticipating a lot more will happen between them in season 2. I’m also expecting a flashback from Juste Belmont featuring his friend, Lydie Erlanger.

The timeline for season 2 is currently unknown. For many reasons, you can’t make an estimated guess by Castlevania standards. Most of the studios and writers involved are different. Additionally, while it’s clear they’ve already started drafting illustrations, two years passed between the announcement of season 1 and its premiere. While much of the cast is European, McClarnon (Olrox) is American and part of the currently striking actors union, SAG-AFTRA. Voice work needs to be completed before almost any animating can begin, and at the time of writing, the AMPTP has walked away from the bargaining table. Because studios are shortening and divvying up seasons into smaller ones, this upcoming one is unlikely to be longer than eight to ten episodes.

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