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‘Castlevania: Nocturne’ Made This Character Infinitely More Interesting Than the Original Games

I like my vampires morally grey.

Netflix’s Castlevania series took mythology created in the game series and gave it a new life. Then, they took a basic boss-level vampire and turned him into a fan-favorite character in Castlevania: Nocturne.

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As far as monsters and villains go, Castlevania: Nocturne has surpassed all expectations. We’ve got ultra-pretty night creatures and one who still has his human memories. Drolta is an evil vampire that has become a fan favorite with her amazing hair and style. Erzsebet Bathory is the new big bad who has turned herself into a vampire goddess. She’s pushing for a world shaped by colonialism and vampire rights.

Bathory isn’t the only super-powerful vampire in the show this time around. Nocturne also gives us a more neutral and chaotic powerhouse in the vampire Olrox (Zahn McClarnon). In the original Castlevania video games, on which the series is based, Olrox is a level boss. Of what little personality he has, players know that he isn’t exactly on the same world-domineering page as the other vampires. He also turns into a dragon/snake creature during the battle against him. Other than that, there isn’t much going on for Olrox.

In Castlevania: Nocturne, he’s the first vampire we see. He comes out of nowhere and attacks a young Richter Belmont and his mom. Right away, Olrox isn’t like the other vampires in the original series. For one, he’s an Aztec from the Americas. He also uses magic in battle and can transform into a snake-like feathered dragon. We also see later in the series he has a mist form like only the most powerful vampires do in the series.

Olrox isn’t like the other vampires

Bathory summons Olrox to France, where she’s setting up the base for her global takeover. However, instead of immediately signing up for the agenda, Olrox takes a step back. Instead of siding with French aristocracy like Bathory, he wants to literally eat the rich. (You have never done anything wrong in your life, Olrox.) Throughout the series, he brings up the genocide he’s witnessed over the years. First, the Spanish Conquistadors slaughtered his people en masse. When he sees Bathory, Olrox says, “I watched men wade ashore from ships and slaughter my people. Slaughter them in their thousands, millions in the end. Who could’ve believed such a thing? They said they were doing it for their God. But in the end … there’s only her.”

Olrox also brings up how indigenous peoples were treated by settlers in North America. His only love (whom Richter Belmont’s mother killed, for some reason) was a Mohican man. Although the Mohicans had land stolen from them and were hunted down by people in the colonies, Olrox’s lover still “burned with a passion” for the freedom of all people. His boyfriend fought alongside the colonists in the Revolutionary War against England. Olrox eventually agrees to Bathory’s terms, but immediately starts trying to find ways to end her reign and help the heroes.

Animated vampire in dragon form in 'Castlevania: Nocturne.'

Quetzalcoatl is a creation deity from Mesoamerica also known as the “feathered serpent.” Olrox’s dragon form looks very similar to ancient art depicting Quetzalcoatl. Since we know Olrox is Aztec, it makes sense his dragon form would be out of mythology from that region instead of a European-looking dragon. However, some fans think Olrox may actually be Quetzalcoatl. Unlike the other vampires in the series, Olrox can walk in the sunlight without a problem. His eyes are always green with black slits, like his dragon form. He also mentions to his new lover Mizrak, that he’s seen people worship demons as gods. Is Olrox speaking about himself? It would be an interesting take on “the gods” needing blood sacrifices as they are vampire creatures.

Almost immediately, Olrox was my favorite character in Nocturne. Since we know season two is on the way, I hope they expand more on his story. We need more of his background and I want to see him in full-on battle mode against multiple foes. And he deserves some happiness. Just give us more Olrox please Netflix.

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