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Annual Television Screening of Castle in the Sky Smashes Tweets-Per-Second Record

Move over Beyonce’s pregnancy, you no longer hold the tweets-per-second record. No, that honor goes to, oddly, an annual television viewing of Hayao Miyazaki’s 1986 Castle in the Sky.

Japan Trends reports that Castle in the Sky is shown on television every year around this time, around which a social networking custom has grown. Not just a slight bit over Beyonce’s record, the Castle in the Sky viewing absolutely destroyed all previous records, hitting 25,088 tweets per second. For comparison, Beyonce’s pregnancy announcement back in August reached 8,868 tweets per second.

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As Twitter grows, obviously, more people will be using it, so it only makes sense that a new tweets-per-second record is set every few months. However, this record was a humongous jump compared to the previous jump. As mentioned above, Beyonce’s pregnancy recorded 8,868 tweets per second, not even a 2,000 tweets-per-second leap from the Women’s World Cup soccer final, which logged 7,196.

Castle in the Sky’s 25,088 is clearly a gigantic jump, and probably won’t be broken anytime soon, or at least, won’t be broken by something as commonplace as an annual viewing of a movie that released in 1986.

(Japan Trends via The Verge)

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