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This Carrie Themed Viral Video Has Some Pretty Sweet Practical Effects. Also, A Telekinetic Lady [Video]

They're all gonna laugh at you!

So there’s a Carrie remake set to hit movie theaters pretty soon. we don’t know how we feel about that yet. What we do know is that Thinkmodo, an NY viral marketing company that make movie tie-in “prank” videos, is really good at what it does. Case in point: this video of a lady throwing a dude at a coffee shop wall with her telekinetic powers.

Now, before we get the near-constant stream of “Fake!” in the comments — yes, a bunch of the “customers” in each scene are fake. Supposedly the ones that are real are the ones at the counter getting their orders, although we all sort of think it’s a little odd that a construction worker would bring a pipe with him while getting coffee? Come on, guys (at @1:18, if you’re curious).

But be that as it may, this scene’s got some really good practical technical effects, which honestly gives us hope for the upcoming movie. CGI ain’t got nothin’ on a bunch of books actually flying themselves off of shelves.

The new version of Carrie opens on October 18 and stars Chloe Moretz and Julianne Moore.

(via Yahoo! Movies)

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