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Things We Saw Today: New Captain Marvel Toy Confirms Goose the Cat’s Origins

Plus Wicked, James Cameron and more!

Captain Marvel new character posters tease old friends, new faces, and Goose the cat.

Ever since Goose the cat made an appearance in the corner of the Captain Marvel poster, fans have been speculating over whether or not the feline retains the same characteristics as Carol’s cat in the comics series. In the Captain Marvel comics, Carol’s cat Chewie is actually a Flerken, an extra-terrestrial critter that can teleport and sports a mouthful of tentacles and fanged mini-mouths. They’re like the Nibblonians of the MCU.

Fans started to suspect that Goose (named for Anthony Edward’s character in Top Gun) might be more than meets the eye, and early test screenings had fans declaring that Goose steals the movie.

Now, a new Goose toy from Hasbro confirms that Goose is in fact a Flerken, as you can see in the tweet below:

BRB, buying Goose toys for everyone in the office. We’re less than 4 weeks away from the premiere of Captain Marvel, and we get more amped with every new detail revealed. Long live Goose!

(via CBR, image: Marvel)

  • James Cameron may be returning to the Alien franchise, which is cool and all, but call me when they bring back Sigourney Weaver. (via CBR)
  • Check out the trailer for Okko’s Inn, the latest film from Studio Ghibli alum Kitaro Kosaka. (via /Film)
  • The Captain Marvel website features some delightfully ’90s throwback graphics. (via Polgyon)
  • The Broadway hit Wicked is set to defy gravity on the big screen, with an expected 2021 release. Commence your fancasting! (via Vulture)

What are you peeping this Saturday, Mary Suevians?

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