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Cap, Fury, and Black Widow Get Winter Soldier Posters as the Falcon Stands in the Corner and Sighs

What It Says On the Tin

The full posters are behind the jump, because Black Widow exudes an almost religious majesty in hers that I don’t want to spring on an unsuspecting reader. If you have sunglasses, put them on now.

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Don’t worry, Falcon. You’re still a newbie. It won’t be too long before you get a poster of your very own. I hope.

The chestal region looks a little… off. Like she has bowls lodged in her jumpsuit. But, more importantly, she looks like she’s descending from heaven as a righteous figure of vengeance, her hair wafting gently as the North Wind carries her toward whatever baddies deserve a thrashing on this particular day. I approve.

Nick Fury just glares his enemies into submission.

And Cap is, yet again, brooding and serious. Someone get this guy to a karaoke machine.

(via: USA Today)

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