Greenwich Village Bans BPUI: Buying Puppies While Drunk

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In many West Village pet shops in New York City, it is now officially against policy to buy a puppy while drunk. Because this was a problem. This was something people were doing. I mean, can you blame them? LOOK AT THAT LITTLE FACE.

Le Petit Puppy, run by Fernanda Moritz, is an example of this phenomenon; surrounded by bars, they receive a lot of would-be customers after happy hour. “I feel like they always come in drunk,” said Moritz.

They look at the little fuzzy faces and their hearts melt–like any sane person’s would, although the extra dose of alcohol in their veins pushes many to impulse buys that they may regret later. Le Petit Puppy had such bad results from inebriated puppy-buying that it’s no wonder shops are implementing a policy like this; a woman came in under the influence, bought a chihuahua, and returned it the next day in a near-dead state. The puppy had overdosed on pills, and had to have its stomach pumped.

The dog is doing fine now, but the incident serves as very convincing evidence to why it’s probably best for the purchase of pets to be put off until sobriety takes hold. A pet isn’t just a cute little figurine you can put on your mantel; it’s a living breathing, lovable creature who has lots and lots of needs and needs lots and lots of love.

So how do they tread the line between accusing customers of being wasted and currently unsuited for such a big decision? Well, usually they simply ask them to come back the next day. Most of the time the customers don’t.

(via DNA Info)

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