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Burger King Japan is Selling a Whopper the Size of a Pizza

Burger King does weird things every now and then. The recent, fairly popular ad campaign featuring the extremely creeping King mascot comes to mind, and how there were multiple $5 video games made for the Xbox and Xbox 360 featuring said mascot. Now, Burger King Japan is continuing the weirdness with a Whopper the size of a pizza.

Actually called the “Pizza-Size Burger” measures in at 8.8 inches, and sports four overlapping Whopper patties between buns that are probably supposed to be easily separable for sharing purposes, but considering the patties are overlapping, might create a few uneven segments upon separation. The burgers come with the usual accoutrements: Lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, and ketchup.

There are two versions of the huge Whopper available. The first being the “Fresh Avocado” burger, which features slices of slices of — you guessed it — fresh avocado, while the “Cheese Nacho” version features cheese sauce, jalapeno peppers, and tortilla chips. The pizza-size Whopper will burn a $21.50 hole in your wallet, and probably an equally-proportionate sized hole in your arteries.

(via The Consumerist)

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