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Burger King Launches Direct TV Channel That is Just a Rotating Burger

Burger King has apparently launched a channel that is just a rotating whopper. No music. No shows. No commentary. Just a burger, revolving with some CG flames. The company says that this latest marketing campaign, called Whopper Lust, is designed to “preserve the value of the Whopper.” You see, unlike most companies that just give away their products, Burger King wants you to sit and stare at this rotating burger (and only the burger) for five minutes. If watchers have some more time to kill, they can watch for an additional 15 or 30 minutes to earn more free burgers.

This delightfully absurd idea appears to be working. Since it’s launch on Monday, the channel has garnered some 300,000 minutes of viewing but is expected to be at around 810,000 minutes (13, 500 hours) when the campaign ends on Friday. If you want to earn your burger, tune your Direct TV to channel 111. Once there, a timer will count down to your next free burger, while prompting you to hit certain buttons on your remote to prove you’re still paying attention.

Wait, doesn’t this sound ominously familiar…?

(ClickZ via Huge)

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