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Diamond Armor Is a Bulletproof, Air Conditioned Suit That Costs Approximately a Huge Pile of Money

The bulletproofing will be useful when you have to rob a bank to pay for the suit.


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What do you do when your country is neutral and the rest of the world loves fighting? You build a bulletproof business suit, of course. SuitArt, a Switzerland-based suit company, is making their citizens indestructible with their new Diamond Armor suit. That is, if they can pay the exorbitant price tag of a diamond-studded suit.

Yes, the “diamond” in Diamond Armor is literal. The suit’s lapel and edges are embedded with 880 tiny black diamonds, because a suit that’s bulletproof and air conditioned just isn’t expensive enough.

Oh, did I mention it’s air conditioned?

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Yeah, a regular suit in a moderately warm room is enough to cause perspiration, but when you’re wearing one that’s made out of heavy material capable of stopping bullets, presumably in situations that involve bullets, you might want a little extra help staying cool. At the push of a button, the suit’s cooling system will make sure you’re perfectly temperate during your James Bond spy mission, or your drug deal, or whatever it is you’re doing where you need (and can afford) a $3.2 million suit.

For the rest of us, the SuitArts site at least makes it sound like this technology will be adapted to their non-super spy business wear, so maybe we’ll get to experience the glorious confidence that comes with an air conditioned suit one day.

Hey, even if you do sweat a bit, though, don’t worry about it; the suit is also waterproof. I mean, at this point I’m a little surprised it doesn’t come with a little detachable helmet for deep sea diving to really complete the whole action hero thing. Maybe a built-in parachute? I mean, why stop at bulletproof, waterproof, and air conditioned? It’s not like price is a concern at this point.

Of course, the suit needs to be custom fitted, so if you have a bunch of money and a need to be practically indestructible, head on over to Switzerland. They’ve got just the thing. And, if you’ve got any money left over, there’s also a matching watch to go with the suit that can probably remotely control your complimentary tank-car. Just a guess.

(SuitArts via Gizmodo, image via SuitArts)

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