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Bryan Singer Talks Extensively About X-Men: First Class

Ain’t It Cool News, as usual, has quite a few big reveals for us from Bryan Singer, producer of X-Men: First Class, the X-Men prequel/reboot of which we’ve heard so much casting news lately.  Reveals about the 60’s.  And James Bond.  And the Hellfire Club.

  • Singer says that the movie will take place in the 60’s, placing the Martin Luther King, Jr./Malcom X allegories of Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr contemporary with their historical counterparts.
  • Being in the sixties, the movie’s tech will have a lovely James Bond-like feel.  Hooray for retrofuturism!
  • The Hellfire Club will be involved, another perfect fit to those swinging times.
  • The film will be much more international than previous X-Men films, visiting England and Russia (no, Wolverine, Canada doesn’t count).
  • Reflecting 60’s fashions, costumes will be much more “comic-booky.”

And if you’re trying to figure out what that last one means, Singer says that costumes we’ll be seeing some of them within the month.  We have to admit that a somewhat unnecessary franchise reboot hasn’t piqued our interest much, but these details have us much more enthused for the project.

The full Ain’t It Cool article, with plenty of other juicy tidbits, can be found here.

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