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Unsubstantiated Rumor Of The Day: Bryan Cranston As Lex Luthor

Oh Really?

Bryan Cranston, star of Breaking Bad, could soon be playing a well known villain with certain similarities to Walter White, at least according to Latino Review writer El Mayimbe on twitter. Yesterday, El Mayimbe tweeted out several not-so-subtle hints that Cranston might be joining the DC Universe as Lex Luthor.

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Of course, this rumor is still just that, a rumor, but the casting of Cranston as Lex would make sense. The actor’s run on Breaking Bad is coming to a close, as the hit TV show airs its final episode on September 29th of this year. Cranston has certainly proven himself as an actor capable of cultivating a large, engaged fan base, which is a given with superheroes as big as Superman.

The actor also happens to have a lot of experience playing a bald scientist with questionable morals who always has a few oddly colored crystals on hand, whether they’re blue or Kryptonite green. In fact, in one story, Lex Luthor gets cancer from prolonged exposure to kryptonite, another thing Walter White and the famous Superman baddie have in common. Still, there’s no guarantee that Cranston has even been mentioned for a DC role, nor is there any certainty that Lex Luthor will be involved in the next Man of Steel film. You can judge El Mayimbe’s tweets for yourself:

While El Mayimbe tweeted more assurances that the idea was more than just a guess, the news source also tweeted out a disclaimer.

As of now, the casting, and the script of the movie for that matter, are still far from decided, and this is just a rumor, if a well thought out one. Still, the tweets very clearly indicate Cranston, between the “final season” mention, the “2 films for WB,” and even the Power Rangers mention, as Cranston recently acknowledged that he had done voice acting for the series. Plenty of twitter followers soon guessed that Cranston was the man in question, but for the actor’s fans, there are still quite a few episodes of Breaking Bad to watch, and plenty of time, before any news on his involvement in Man of Steel 2, or lack thereof, is given any weight.

(Via MTV Splash Page, Image via IMDB)

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