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Bruce Boxleitner Says Tron 3 is On …3

And So It Begins

Can’t… not… rhyme…

There have been rumors of yet a third dip into the setting of Tron since literally before the DVD release of Tron: Legacy. No, wait, I just checked. They’ve been around since the April before Tron: Legacy‘s December release.

So lets just say that for better or worse there’s a precedent, and furthermore one does not cast Cillian Murphy in a role with three minutes of screentime unless perhaps one plans to use his character in a later movie. And now the Tron sequel’s sequel is getting its confirmation biased by none other than Bruce Boxleitner, Tron himself.

His response was swift and firm when a fan at D23 asked “If they were to call you for a third one would you come back?”

It’s already a done deal. It’s already in the works my friend, it’s already in the works… 2013 I hope… it takes a long time to make these things. We won’t get to it until next year anyway.

Well, I for one hope that they bring back Jeff Bridges‘s character. Heaven knows the thin wisp of a plot floating through that candy colored excuse for an afternoon’s diversion could make room for it and Bridges would tooootally be up for it.

(via Bleeding Cool.)

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