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Broad City and Bob’s Burgers Writers Face Off to Write Female-Led 21 Jump Street

But which hilarious, feminist writing team should we root for?!

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Remember when we told you that writers Lucia Aniello and Paul W. Downs of Broad City fame were going to be handling scripting duties on the upcoming female-led 21 Jump Street from Sony? Well, that’s still happening! But they aren’t the only writers that have been hired for the job.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sony has placed this new 21 Jump Street into a Hunger Games-style screenwriting competition to the death dual-track development, meaning that they’ve hired two writing teams they like to write two separate scripts for the project, and whichever script Sony likes better wins/lives gets produced.

So, who’s the other team? None other than the sister writing-duo of Lizzie and Wendy Molyneux, writers on Bob’s Burgers. I guess Wendy wasn’t satisfied raising over $30,000 to help fight children’s cancers through CureSearch – now she and her sister are willing to try and take down other writing teams for the chance at a big comedy franchise. Well, may the best writing team win!

So, whose take would you like to see on the female 21 Jump Street? Does this movie need that Broad City stank on it? Or do you think Team Bob’s Burgers has the flavor that you’ll savor? Tell us in the comments!

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