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Here’s BoJack Horseman Creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg Mercilessly Roasting Jared Leto

We’re incredibly excited for the upcoming season of Netflix’s brilliant emotion-puncher BoJack Horseman, a show that will emotionally compromise you in the most unexpected ways while also being a hilarious reflection of Hollywood, or Hollywoo. The show often gestures towards our real-life industry, whether it’s an upsettingly accurate representation of the way sexual assault is often dismissed, a game show cameo from Daniel Radcliffe, or punny allusions like pig actor Jon Ham.

At Video Junkee 2017, creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg was asked during a Q&A what celebrities they would mention in the new season, specifically who they looked at and just went, “Fuck that guy.” His answer? “We have a line in the new season about Jared Leto that’s like, fuck that guy.” But Bob-Waksberg doesn’t stop there. Unlike the BoJack Horseman line, which is apparently near the end of the season and apparently quite short, the creator takes the next two minutes to thoroughly roast Jared Leto for hismethod” acting and treatment of the trans woman he portrayed in Dallas Buyers Club.

Here is the transcript in its full glory, and where can actually hear the floodgates of Bob-Waksberg’s Leto-dislike break:

Bob-Waksberg: I don’t like him. I don’t like him! I feel like he’s still coasting from My So-Called Life, like his goodwill from that.

Marc Fennell: And Requiem For a Dream.

Bob-Waksberg: Yes, he was great in that. I mean, my line on Jared Leto, which is not in the show—it’s just what I say about him in conversations—is that the coolest thing Jared Leto ever did was get punched in the face by Edward Norton in Fight Club.

But he really, he bugs the shit out of me. And it’s all things—we’re bad guys, we’re good guys, blehhh the Joker, whatever bullshit—but he would like, send used condoms and dead pigs to the other actors as a weird method thing like, how does that help anything? What are you doing that—you respect the character of the Joker sooo much that you have to inhabit him and be him,as literally the worst Joker we’ve seen. Like there have been so many Jokers, you are the worst at it. You think that helped?

By the way! P.S. also, when he was in the Dallas Buyers Club playing a trans character who died of AIDS—not a real person but still—he would do interviews being like “What a glorious creature.” It’s not a fucking creature, it’s a person you asshole! And make jokes about, like, ‘I had to shave my legs teehee.’ That’s not cute, you idiot! So fuck him.

Bob-Waksberg then says to the audience, “You’re gonna watch the new season now waiting for the Jared Leto line that’s like in the very end. It’s like the last episode and it’s like barely anything.” It might not be a lot, but we’ll have these amazing 2 minutes.

(via Daily Dot, Image: Netflix)

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