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Thief Steals $18,000 Worth Of Axe, Axe Thinks It’s Hilarious

if this was Old Spice, then we'd have a problem.



Last Sunday afternoon a mysterious perpetrator broke into an Indiana parking lot and stole a literal truckload of Axe shower gel. The Body Wash Bandit shouldn’t be too hard to find (provided you know what a junior high locker room smells like) but Axe is getting too big a kick out of the caper to care.

Yesterday Axe sent an email to major news outlets asking for help in finding the perp and his or her 3,600 ill-gotten bottles. Geekosystem didn’t receive a message (cough cough) but I’m sure if there’s ever a Fraggle Rock perfume heist we’ll be the first to know.

The press release dubs the crook  “The Great Axe Indy Thief of 2014” (which seems unnecessarily specific) and asks for the public’s help in preventing the perp from making “a clean getaway”, proving that the amount of distracting scents you have to place on your body directly correlates to how badly your puns stink.

We’re asking for everyone to help us track the thief down by keeping their noses peeled for anyone who smells, well, great.

I guess we can consider this case cold then.

(via Huffington Post, image via Andrew Ratto)

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