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Recapture the Nostalgia of Kindergarten with Play-Doh Cologne

In those happier, care-free days of youth we ran with flowers in our hair, underneath a golden sun. We had so much in common. We liked Elmo, chocolate, and VHS copies of The Land Before Time. I remember when you kissed my cheek underneath the curly slide and then ran off giggling, the scent still haunts me to this day; Play-Doh.

At least that’s how I imagine the overwrought, arty TV spot that would advertised the Play-Doh cologne from the Demeter Fragrance Library. Perhaps the cologne’s website will provide some insight as to why you’d want to reek of salty modeling clay:

When you open a can of PLAY-DOH compound, you are instantly transported back to childhood. What better way to celebrate the 50th birthday than by bottling the scent for adults everywhere to enjoy as a reminder of their youth.

Ah, so you can remember your youth while everyone assumes you’re a somewhat unhinges Elementary School educator. Perfect. Thanks, Demeter. And thank you for also for carrying such amazing scents as Dust, Gin and Tonic, Frozen Pond, and Laundromat. It’s like an avant-garde commentary on cosmetics and vanity, except they’re still ripping you off with their cheap perfumes.

(Demeter Fragrances via Bit Rebels)

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