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Bruce Willis Fragrance Hitting Stores

I know you’ve all penned this day in your calendars, I know I’ve been waiting for this day a long time: Today, LR Health & Beauty Systems is debuting squinty tough guy Bruce Willis‘ “signature collection,” which he created in partnership with the German beauty company.

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“I personally feel that the new Bruce Willis fragrance is the manliest scent in the world,” said Tilo Plöger, chief operating officer of LR Health & Beauty Systems. The Willis scent reportedly contains notes of grapefruit, pepper, and vetiver.

First announced in April, the collection includes hair and body wash, deodorant, aftershave balm, and eau de parfum–which clocks in at ~15% aromatic compounds compared to eau de cologne’s ~5%–since naturally, badasses need to smell strongly of badasses.

According to United Networker, Bruce Willis told reporters at the press conference in Frankfurt “with great enthusiasm” that “the development of my new fragrance together with the very committed and passionate LR team was really a lot of fun. The products stand for individuality, uniqueness and sustainability. That’s what convinced me, and what unites me with LR.”

The design of the perfume bottle, in the classy yet intrepid, indomitable, macho, rugged style expected of Willis, incorporates a huge metal badge which adorns “the exceptionally high-quality glass flacon,” which apparently is “heavy in the hand,” because John McClane would never use lightweight perfume bottles, damn it! And of course, the packaging mimics “brushed aluminium and embossed riveting.”

Finally, the product tagline is the stuff of Don Draper: “Smart Guys Live Forever.”

Damned straight.

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(via Racked; image via United Networker)

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